Let me choose a week of classes for you:

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get on the mat, so each week I will take the effort of decision making away, and give you the perfect balance of classes to make you feel fantastic, to grow your strength, and your flexibility, mind, and body. There are 5 classes following a changing weekly theme. I’ve named them Monday – Friday. You can do one of them or all of them, whenever you want and as often as you want.


Beginning Monday the 23rd of May.

This week is all about back care and back bending. We will explore the 4 main functional movements of the spine… forward, sideways, twisting and back bending.  At every step we will be working both on range of movement and strength to keep your back feeling fantastic. The timing of most the classes has stretched… and I am hoping you think that is a bonus… but let me know… you know I LOVE to hear from you x 

I have left in the TED talk, I have listened to it a few times this week and I think it is a GREAT one to inspire you to plug into your hard wired happiness.

You will find the previous week of classes in courses and in lessons.


Monday’s 25 minute class unpacks the movements of the spine.

This class begins our back care and backbending week by exploring the 4 main functional movements of the spine... forward, lateral, twisting and backbending.

Tuesday’s 40 minute class exploring the movements of your spine.

This class takes you on a step by step path through the 4 main functions of the spine, forward, sidewards, twisting and bending backwards.

Wednesday’s ten minute class to find and use your core.

This class is designed to find your core and then use it.

Thursday’s 50 minute class exploring the movement of your spine

This class explores the four main movements of the spine, forward, sideways twisting and then finishes with some interesting backbend variations.

Friday’s 10 minute class using all 4 spinal movements.

This class checks in with all 4 movements of the spine... forward, sideways, twisting and back bending. A great go-to class for your back care.

Plug into your hard-wired happiness – Srikumar Rao

We all strive for happiness -- but we spend most of our lives learning to be unhappy, says Srikumar Rao. In this practical talk, he teaches how to break free of the "I'd be happy if ..." mental model, and embrace our hard-wired happiness.

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Phone:  0409 886 068



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